The Westminster Presbyterian Church has provided direction to the Westminster House since 1992.


Worship Time:  Sundays at 10:30 a.m. |  Coffee Hour is at 11:30am  |  Soup or salad and bread potluck at 11:30am on the first Sunday of the month

Bible Study: Thursdays at 10:30 a.m.

Address: 2705 W Boone Ave, Spokane, WA 99201

Telephone:  (509) 328-5002


Westminster Presbyterian Church is an open and welcoming community.  It was started in a tent in 1905, in order to be available to all people. The church has known many homes including a butcher shop.  Its present building puts it in the center of the West Central neighborhood and is a central pillar of service in the neighborhood.

The church is the home of the first Boy Scout troop and the first Food Bank in the city.  City services were born and nurtured in this church building; Christ Clinic (health care for the working poor) and Christ Kitchen (work experience and Christian community for marginalized women) both began at Westminster.

All are welcome:

Westminster Church is a unique combination of elderly people and neighborhood children.  The genius of the church is to discover gifts and talents in unexpected people and then empower them to serve.  Homeless and unemployed people, for example, have flourished and their gifts have contributed greatly to the church.  People who felt discarded by society have found that Christ and Christ’s Church needs their gifts.  Many elderly people from the neighborhood have found rich relationships at the end of their lives in the church family.  A very high proportion of the membership of the church is involved in service to others.  The congregation warmly welcomes neighborhood children and has supported programs to serve children for many decades.

Westminster Church serves:

Westminster Church is a place that breeds innovation.  New ideas as to how to serve are welcomed and tested by the community.  Anyone who has anything to offer is welcomed by the community.   The church welcomes people from other churches who want to serve with the church in the West Central Neighborhood.  People from other churches have joined in ministry for many years and have brought their own churches into fellowship with this unique church.  It is a wonderful place to discover what Christ had in mind for His Church.

Westminster Church prays:

Westminster Church’s Sunday prayer list is enormous.  People outside the church see their need for prayer fulfilled by this unique praying community.  People are regularly impressed that other people care for them and that they have value in the eyes of their Lord.  

Pastor Sandy Brockway has been the minister at Westminster Presbyterian Church since 1990.    Sandy serves a diverse community of people and encourages their concern for each other and for ministry to the West Central community.  She had long demonstrated skill in working in such neighborhoods and in 1992 welcomed the Whitworth graduates who came up with the idea of the Westminster House.  Under her leadership Westminster Church has encouraged such outreach ministries as the Westminster House, Logos (a weekday program for children), Homework Helpers, the Westminster Food Bank, Christ Clinic, Christ Kitchen, and a Native American ministry as well as ministries for church goers.   Sandy cares deeply for people and her lengthy Sunday Morning Prayer List brings them all to the attention of the Lord.